What Worked Asia - 23 Jun 2017 - Overall Dividend Yield did well in Asia

What Worked

Nothing really stood out in both China and Hong Kong this week. However names up last week in China were hurt this week. IMAX China Holdings is down 13% and Tian Ge Interactive is down 8%. In Singapore, high Dividend yield names continued to do well this week. Fortune Real Estate Investment is up 5% and Asian Pay Television Trust is up 6%.

In South Korea there was a slight selloff in high Dividend Yield names and a move into Growth. High growth names that did well were Samsung Electro-Mechanics is up 12% and Samsung SDI is up 12%. In Taiwan, large-cap names did well this week. Eclat Textile is up 9% and Airtac International is up 9%. Indonesia  and Malaysia saw a good selloff in Value and a move into Size. In the Philippines it was the opposite with Value doing well and large-cap names getting hurt this week. Vivant corp is down 10% and Belle Corp is down 6%.

Who Moved

182 names moved on volume this week. The volume spikes look to be well distributed across the different regions and sectors. On the positive side, GreaterChina Professional Services is up 19%, Lai Sun Development is up 12% and Jaiprakash Associates is up 16%. On the other side, SillaJen is down 16%, KEPCO is down 15% and Sapura Energy is down 15%.


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