What Worked Japan - 10 Mar 2017 - Only Quality factors slighty stood out this week

What Worked

Low Debt to Equity and high ROIC were the only factors that did well this week. Low Debt to Equity names that outperformed were Cyber Agent (4751) up 9%, COLORP (3668) up 8% and HIROSE ELECTRIC (6806) up 7%. High ROIC names that also did well were Idemitsu Kosan (5019) up 6%, Kissei Pharma (4547) up 6% and Coca-cola East Japan (2580) up 6%. All the other factors were basically significant this week.

Who Moved

Only 15 names moved on volume this week. On the positive side, Temp Holdings (2181) is up 5%, Nipro Corp (8086) is up 5% and Pigeon Corp (7956) is up 4%. On the other side, NEXON (3659) is down 7%, Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings (3099) is down 6% and Nippon Light Metal Holdings (5703) is down 5%.


PDF Report available here: Download

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