What Worked Asia - 19 Aug 2016 - Value worked in HK/China with a slight selloff in Size

What Worked – Value was strong in China with a slight selloff in size this week. Low PE names that did well were Fufeng Group up 19% and Huadian Fuxin Energy up 12%. In Hong Kong, Value also did well but to a lesser degree. In Hong Kong, Nexteer Automotive was up 38% and APT Satellite was up 21%. In South Korea, Beta did well and ROE was hurt this week. Vieworks was up 9% and Emerson Pacific was up 8%. High ROE names that were hurt were Hanatour Service was down 7% and It’S Skin was down 7%.

In Taiwan there was a slight selloff in Size this week. Synnex Technology was down 6% and Simplo Technology was down 5%. In India Beta and PBR were strong this week. High Beta names that did well were NCC Limited up 10% and Edelweiss Financial Services up 9%. In Malaysia, PBR did well and high ROE/ROIC names were hurt this week. High ROE names that were down were Bursa Malaysia down 5% and Berjaya Auto also down 5%.

Who Moved – 227 names moved on volume this week. A good portion of those names spiked in the Financial and Electronic Technology Sectors. At the Country level, Hong Kong /  China dominated the volume spikes this week. On the positive side, Jubliant Life Sciences was up 32%, Bank Mayapada Internasional was up 28% and Hugel was up 25%. On the other side, Orion Corp was down 17%, China State Construction International was down 17% and Chularat Hospital was down 13%.


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