Big differences in new Company Guidance and FY3/17 Consensus estimates - 10 May 2016

Here are the names that reported yesterday with largest gaps in new Company Guidance vs FY3/17 Consensus Estimates.

Positive Side

  • Kitz Corp’s new OP guidance is 36% above FY3/17 consensus OP
  • Sojitz’s new OP guidance is 24% above FY3/17 consensus OP
  • Doshisha’s new OP guidance is 12% above FY3/17 consensus OP

Negative Side

  • LIXIL’s new OP guidance is 40% below FY3/17 consensus OP
  • NGK SPARK PLUG’s new OP guidance is 34% below FY3/17 consensus OP
  • Wacoal Holdings new OP guidance is 33% below FY3/17 consensus OP

Please take a look and let me know if we can do anything else. We back tested Guidance vs. Consensus and sent out the results yesterday. There is a clear difference in performance in names that come out with good guidance and ones that come out with guidance significantly below consensus….

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