What Worked Asia - 26 Feb 2016 - Value / Beta were hurt in most regions after last week's bounce

What WorkedIn Hong Kong there was a selloff in high Beta names.  Alibaba Health Information was down 15% and KWG Property Holdings was down 12%. In China there was a slight move away from Large-cap names. Zhejiang Expressway was down 10% and Tingyi Holdings was down 10%. Value and large-cap names were hurt in Singapore, Keppel Corp was down 3% and Ezion Holdings was down 4%. Taiwan saw a move into Value and away from Growth names. Some strong sales growth names that were hurt were Motech down 9% and Giga Solar Materials down 9%.  India also saw a good selloff in Value this week with a slight move into Quality. AIA Engineering was up 3% and also EIH Limited was up 5%. Malaysia was one of only place that value worked this week. Dividend Yield was very strong. Press Metal was up 3% and Pavilion Real Estate Investment was also up 4%. Nothing really stood out in South Korea.

Who Moved 151 names moved on Volume this week. The volume spikes were well distributed across the region with a slight focus in the Financial Sector. On the positive side, XinRen Aluminum was up 79%, Freeman Financial Corp was up 37% and Bank Tabungan Pensiunan was up 37%. On the other side, OBI Pharma was down 32%, KEPCO was down 24% and KWG Property was down 11%.


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